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Elementary - Advanced




Level 1

Course Duration

12 weeks including breaks where 10 weeks of classroom teaching

CRICOS CODE 0101762 


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4

Course Duration

42 weeks including breaks where 30 weeks of classroom teaching



Level 5

Course Duration

12 weeks including breaks where 10 weeks of classroom teaching

Total Course Duration for all the 5 levels - 66 weeks including breaks where 50 weeks of classroom teaching

Course Overview

The general nature of the ELICOS General English Elementary level provides communicative language learning and practice to suit a range of purposes including practical day-to-day living.

The purpose of the ELICOS General English Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate levels is to prepare the learner to participate in further English language study or vocational training.

ELICOS General English Advanced level is focused on developing fluency and accuracy abilities, and to helping the students to reach a level of competence that will allow the student to interact with a variety of more challenging, sophisticated current topics.


Target Group

Students joining the ELICOS General English Course will be from a non-English speaking background froma a range of countries. They will be over 18 years of age and will have a range of reasons for aiming to learn English. These reasons may be related to personal, social, travel, vocational or future study needs or a combination of these.



Australian College for Excellence (ACE) regularly monitors student's progress. A series of regular formative assessment tasks is designed for students to sue their English in a range of simulated contexts. These assessment tasks involve the integration of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Coupled with this, an assessment folio is maintained by students to include samples of work done throughout the course. This will include writing drafts and final products, records of class discussions, follow up exercises and set homework.


Course Structure

For each level (Elementary to Advanced) the classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday, 3 shifts (Morning, Afternoon and Evening), 4 hours per shift including 10 minutes break.

            Entry Requirement

Entry requirment for all the levels of ELICOS General English Course at ACE

  • Applicants must be minimum 18 years of age at the time of commencement

  • Education and computer skills requirement - NIL

  • Applicants are likely to have a range of English language proficiency levels to enter each level of this course

  • Where student do not have evidence of English language proficiency, ACE Inhouse English Placement Test is used to place the students in the appropriate levels of ELICOS General English.

 English Language Proficiency Requirement

            Each Level Outcome

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